Everything you should know about Copper Clad Laminates

With the progress of small, light source, thin, flexible and high-density electric products, the integration and assemblage density of parts within the boards tend to be better, in addition to power dissipation is certainly increasingly larger, and therefore the heat dissipation has a great requirement on PCB substrates. You will see overheated for that components over the board in case the substrates have a low dissipation that will result in the unreliability of entire machine. Therefore the PCB substrate enter into being.

Copper Clad Laminate, the PCB substrates in PCB production, which is probably the most significantly utilized to create the boards. As well as the copper clad laminate is really a sort of material that soak in resin together with the electronic glass fiber or other reinforcing material to create with copper clad on each one side or both sides. Also, it’s widely used in television, radio stations, computer, mobile marketing communications and other digital components.

Different types of Copper Clad Laminate:

  • Rigid CCLs
  • Aluminium Copper Clad laminate
  • Flexible copper clad laminate
  • Double Sided/Single Sided CCLs
  • Epoxy Based CCLs
  • XPC Copper Clade Laminates
  • FR4
  • 22F
  • CEM-1

Aluminum PCB one of a kind unique metal center copper clad laminate, which has outstanding thermal conductivity, electro-mechanical insulation property, and machinability. Compared with classic FR-4 within the same width and track width, the aluminum PCB can bring higher current.

Copper Clad Laminate Materials

Copper foil : copper foil is a catholic electrolytic material that deposited on a thin and continuous layer of metal foil on the base of PCB. And it’s easy it bond to an insulating layer making a printed protective layer and create a board pattern with corrosion.

Prepreg : A Prepreg is fiberglass impregnated with resin. The resin is pre-dried, however not solidified, with the goal that it will stream, stick and totally submerge as warming. So Prepreg are fiberglass reinforced by a gummy layer (like FR4 material). Just as it’s known as the sorts of fiberglass.

Copper foil : copper foil is actually a catholic electrolytic material of which deposited on a slim and continuous layer of metal foil on the particular base of PCB. In addition to it’s easy to attach to a protecting coating making a printed safety layer and create the board pattern with rust.

PCB manufacturing with types of Copper Clade Laminate in DK Enterprise

For more than 10 years as one of the leading Copper Clade Laminate suppliers and manufacturers, DK Enterprise is amongst the top reputed flexible copper clad laminate manufacturer in India.

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